Financial professionals focused on you.

Our Physicians Financial Partners program provides access to a nationwide network of independent, local, and experienced financial professionals who have undergone a comprehensive due-diligence process by AMA Insurance which has been serving physicians since 1988. This vetting process assures that best-in-class financial professionals become members of our network, and earn the right to be called an approved Physicians Financial Partner.

In connection with the Physicians Financial Partners program, the products and services are offered through Millennium Brokerage Group, LLC, a strategic marketing partner of AMA Insurance.

National Buying Power with Local Service...

The Physicians Financial Partners Program provides*:

  • Access to local financial professionals vetted by AMA Insurance
  • Access to a full suite of financial products, many with physician-specific benefits
  • Access to tools and resources to help cultivate informed decisions about relevant financial matters

The Physicians Financial Partners program is available through AMA Insurance.

*Millennium Brokerage Group, LLC and other financial professionals participating in the program offer the products & services