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Disability Income Insurance

Get the right amount of coverage. The frequency and severity of disability is too big a risk to leave to chance.

If disability prevents you from working and providing care to your patients, Disability Income Insurance offered by AMA Insurance can help cover your financial needs.

Physician-Exclusive Group Disability Income Insurance

  • Covers you in your own specialty.
  • Portable coverage stays with you through employer changes.
  • Catastrophic Disability Income Rider can help pay for nursing home and home health care.
  • NEW 15% rate reduction for all physicians; Members receive a 35% reduction.

You may carry a certain amount of disability insurance already. But as your income and responsibilities continue to rise, your current level of protection may not be enough to cover living expenses while you're disabled.

Coverage is available for physicians under age 60 as either primary or supplementary to existing coverage. Get the level of protection you and your family need. For physicians age 60 - 64, contact our Physicians Financial Partners Program for Individual Disability Coverage.

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Disability Income Insurance
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