Buffer your retirement accounts during down markets

According to our latest national report, physicians’ top personal financial concern is ensuring their money lasts through retirement. But what would happen if you retired during a time when stock and bond prices were declining? Savers who are forced to make withdrawals early in retirement from a declining portfolio have fewer shares left over to benefit from when the market eventually goes back up. And that could cause irreparable harm to your retirement accounts.

Insurance can provide a stable source of income

Now through our Physicians Financial Partners program, you have access to professionals who offer options that can help protect retirement savings from potential market downturns. For instance, the cash value from certain life insurance policies can provide a stable alternative source of income that’s not impacted by short term market volatility – which can be especially appealing during a bear market. These professionals offer an insurance product with favorable features including:

  • Cash value accumulation
  • Low surrender charges
  • Tax-free death benefit
  • Cash to help cover long-term care expenses

Through our Physicians Financial Partners (PFP) program, you have access to a vetted financial professional qualified to discuss these issues and offer products that could help you achieve your retirement goals. 

Learn more – Talk to a Physicians Financial Partner

To find a vetted Physicians Financial Partner in your area, call 855-210-4015, email pfp@amainsure.com, or complete the  Request For Information to be contacted without obligation.

The tools, resources and products described above are offered through Millennium Brokerage Group, LLC, and other planning professionals. Millennium is a strategic marketing partner of AMA Insurance (AMAI) and is an approved member of AMA Insurance’s Physicians Financial Partners Program. 

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