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Through our Physicians Financial Partners program, doctors now have access to an interactive, web-based financial planning service, with special rates for AMA members. All planning services are provided by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®professionals in our Physicians Financial Partners program. All planning services are fee based, providing complete fee transparancy. To learn more about the new Financial Planning Services call 855-210-4015.

Financial professionals focused on you

According to our recent 2016 Report on U.S. Physicians’ Financial Preparedness, 57% of physicians use a professional financial advisor. Those who don’t say it’s because they haven’t found someone they trust – and/or they lack the time needed to find one.

Physician's Use of Professional Advisor  57% have used one    43% have not     50% of physicians say they haven't found someone they trust as the reason they have not engaged a financial advisor

In 2011, we introduced our Physicians Financial Partners (PFP) program to provide doctors with access to a nationwide network of independent, local and experienced professionals who have undergone a comprehensive due-diligence process by AMA Insurance. This vetting process assures that best-in-class financial professionals become members of our network, and earn the right to be called an approved Physicians Financial Partner.

Talk to a Physicians Financial Partner

Through our Physicians Financial Partners program, you’ll have access to a wide variety of financial strategies, services and products, including:

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To find a vetted Physicians Financial Partner in your area, call 855-210-4015, email, or complete the  Request For Information to be contacted without obligation.

The tools, resources and products described above are offered through Millennium Brokerage Group, LLC, and other planning professionals. Millennium is a strategic marketing partner of AMA Insurance (AMAI) and is an approved member of AMA Insurance’s Physicians Financial Partners Program. 

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