According to our recent 2016 Report on U.S. Physicians’ Financial Preparedness, 57% of physicians use a professional financial advisor. Those who don’t say it’s because they haven’t found someone they trust – and/or they lack the time needed to find one.

Physician's Use of Professional Advisor  57% have used one    43% have not     50% of physicians say they haven't found someone they trust as the reason they have not engaged a financial advisor

Financial professionals focused on you

In 2011, we introduced our Physicians Financial Partners (PFP) program to provide doctors with access to a nationwide network of independent, local and experienced professionals who have undergone a comprehensive due-diligence process by AMA Insurance. This vetting process assures that best-in-class financial professionals become members of our network, and earn the right to be called an approved Physicians Financial Partner.

A PFP advisor can help you develop a strong retirement plan, provide you with supplemental strategies to save and spend down assets, and even insulate (“bear-proof”) your retirement savings from market downturns. 

Talk to a Physician Financial Partner

Your financial planning needs change throughout your career as a physician. As you consider strategies to protect your income, safeguard your family, and save for the future, get advice you can count on from professionals in our Physicians Financial Partners Program.

Through the program, you’ll have access to a wide variety of financial strategies, services and products, including:

Learn more – Talk to a Physicians Financial Partner

To find a vetted Physicians Financial Partner in your area, call 855-210-4015, email, or complete the  Request For Information to be contacted without obligation.

The tools, resources and products described above are offered through Millennium Brokerage Group, LLC, and other planning professionals. Millennium is a strategic marketing partner of AMA Insurance (AMAI) and is an approved member of AMA Insurance’s Physicians Financial Partners Program. 

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