New planning options and benefits

Through our Physicians Financial Partners program, you now have access to independent professionals who offer strategies available through life insurance that can help you reposition your IRA assets to help leave a larger legacy to your beneficiaries. You can benefit from this strategy if:

  • Your retirement income needs are fully met by other sources
  • You are concerned about LTC expenses
  • You plan to leave IRA assets to your beneficiaries
  • You plan to use a stretch IRA strategy
  • You want more control over how distributions are made to beneficiaries

Maximize your IRA assets

If you’ve planned for your retirement,  and legacy planning is a primary concern, a stretch IRA can be an effective tool for increasing the wealth that passes to your beneficiaries—in some cases, over several generations. With a life insurance policy held inside an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT), your stretch IRA can work even harder. Not only does this result in a larger legacy, it gives you more control over how trust assets will be distributed to beneficiaries.

Download an overview of how it works

Learn more – Talk to a Physicians Financial Partner

To find a vetted Physicians Financial Partner in your area, call 855-210-4015, email, or complete the  Request For Information to be contacted without obligation.

The tools, resources and products described above are offered through Millennium Brokerage Group, LLC, and other planning professionals. Millennium is a strategic marketing partner of AMA Insurance (AMAI) and is an approved member of AMA Insurance’s Physicians Financial Partners Program. 

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