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6 Traits of Financially Prepared Women Physicians
(MD Magazine Interview with Robin Robertson, CLU)
By: Jared Kaltwasser, MD Magazine

Everyone wants to be financially secure, but many fall short of that goal. Study after study shows millions of Americans are far behind their retirement savings goals, including many people in middle and upper-middle income brackets.  Continue Reading

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2015 Report on U.S. Physicians’ Financial Preparedness:
Women Physicians Segment

More than one-third of today’s U.S. physicians are women, and of all physicians age 40 and under, 49 percent are women.

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A Roadmap for Women Physicians: Achieving Financial Preparedness

"What’s the difference between a 401K and a Roth 401K?”; “Is a 2% fee structure too high?”; “I’m getting divorced, what is a concrete first step?”; “How do I find a trusted financial advisor?” For the past several months, we have heard these and other...

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7 Oct
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