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By itself, Medicare doesn't cover all of your medical expenses. In fact, Medicare is designed to cover only 80% of your medical costs. The remaining 20% is your financial responsibility. Out-of-pocket costs such as inpatient hospital stays, deductibles, co-payments, durable medical equipment and doctor services can easily add up to thousands of dollars. A Medicare Supplement Insurance plan may help protect your savings and peace of mind. 

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Physician Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Highlights

  • Competitive rates, depending on your age and state of residence when your Certificate is issued, translate into a solid value for your insurance dollar. Compare the AMA-sponsored Plans' premiums to those of other plans.
  • All 10 of the standardized Medical Supplement Plans are offered, if available in your state.
  • Timely claims processing and personalized, courteous service.
  • Your spouse or domestic partner, parents and other eligible family members also have access to these Medicare Supplement Plans.

Medicare supplement insurers can only offer standardized policies. Your decision on who to buy your coverage from should be based on value, reliability and service. You will find all with the AMA-sponsored Medicare Supplement Insurance Program underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA.*.

This website description is not a contract. This is a brief summary only and is subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the group policy applicable in your state. Availability of Medicare Supplement insurance is subject to state approval. Plan options may vary by state and coverage may not be available in all states. In Massachusetts, the 10 standardized plans are not allowed, but two other plans are offered. Medicare Supplement insurance plans are not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. government or the Federal Medicare Program.

* In NY, Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Inc., Harrison, NY. In MA, ME, MN and WA, Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA. 

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A person may qualify for Medicare if under the age 65 and disabled.
Not connected with or endorsed by the US Government or Federal Medicare Program.

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