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View 2014 Report on Work/Life Profiles of Today's U.S. Physician

We are excited to provide the results of our newest study:

2014 Work/Life Profiles of Today's U.S. Physician.

AMA Insurance created and conducted this survey to gain a richer understanding of physicians age 30 to age 69, their lifestyles and life choices.

We would especially like to thank the nearly 5,000 physicians who answered questions on topics that included family and home life, activities and hobbies, work, technology usage, medical school debt, personal financial preparedness and plans for the future.


  • DEBT: Fifty-one percent of physicians over age 60 graduated from medical school with debt. Today, 73 percent of physicians under age 40 have student loan debt, and nearly half of these young physicians carry a debt of between $150,000 and $200,000.
  • MARRIAGE: Nearly 40 percent are likely to marry another physician or healthcare professional; young physicians are more likely to marry physicians than other age groups.
  • WORK: Most physicians work 40-60 hours per week, but nearly 25% work 60 to more than 80 hours per week.
  • PRACTICE PLANS: Twenty-three percent under age 40 plan to change employers; 44 percent of physicians over age 60 plan to retire within the next five years.
  • PERSONAL FINANCE: Retirement savings are a top concern. Physicians under 40 (65 percent) said they'd like $200,000-500,000 more at this point in their life; physicians over age 60 would like $1,000,000+ more. Male physicians in all age groups were more likely to want $1,000,000+ in incremental savings than female physicians.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook is more popular among female physicians, LinkedIn more popular among male physicians and Pinterest and Twitter are least popular among all physicians.

We invite you to learn more about what the survey uncovered and how your lifestyle compares with other physicians on these measures. We hope you find the results as intriguing and informative as we did, and look forward to your feedback and comments.

Please CLICK HERE to access the research results.

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