Financial Preparedness

Take these 7 tips to avoid financial stress

August 06, 2018

physicians-talking-in-hospital.jpg Over his 40-plus years as a physician, Timothy Harrington, MD, has seen countless changes come to his profession, from how it's taught to how it's practiced to how it's financed. And while he has also witnessed dramatic medical advances, he's concerned by what is happening to aspiring and practicing physicians confronting the lifestyle challenges that accompany a career in medicine. But he has a seven-point prescription for the fiscal woes that ail too many medical students, residents and young physicians.

Physician Lifestyle

10 Online Resources for Physicians

July 25, 2018

amai-physiciansinfocus-20180712-helpfulresources.pngTake a look at some of our favorite physician-centric resources. 

Physician Lifestyle

Women in Medicine

July 18, 2018

amai-women-in-medicine-blog.pngPlanning Ahead - Women in Medicine Month

AMAI-NYL-PressRelease_blog-.pngCHICAGO – The American Medical Association today announced a new, expanded relationship with New York Life Insurance Company under which New York Life becomes the new underwriting carrier for the AMA’s sponsored insurance program. Effective July 1, 2018, AMA-sponsored life, disability, and accident plans will transition to New York Life as the AMA continues to enhance its insurance product offerings for physicians. Enhanced features, increased benefit maximums, and special discounts for AMA members will be made available under this affiliation through the AMA’s wholly-owned subsidiary, AMA Insurance Agency, Inc. 

In 2015, Congress passed legislation that made changes to the Medicare Supplemental program. Specifically, the change resulting from this legislation is that the Part B deductible will no longer be covered by Medicare Supplement plans for those becoming eligible for Medicare on or after January 1, 2020. Part B covers physician and outpatient services; the 2018 annual Medicare Part B deductible is $183. 

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