Reprinted from the  American Medical Association. Doctor_Patient_Results After years of scrimping and struggling on a resident’s salary, the end of residency is likely to bring new financial freedom despite the health sector turmoil exacted by COVID-19. But don’t spend all of your new income right away.

Reprinted from the American Medical Association.  Physician Reviewing Results Investment markets rise and fall unpredictably in an unstable financial market driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, but don’t panic. Midcareer physicians may build investment and retirement portfolios that are safe and productive despite variable and sometimes frightening conditions. 

Financial Preparedness

Long-Term Care and Funding: You Have Options

November 05, 2019

LTC Funding Image.png
Planning for your Long-Term Care (LTC) needs can be complicated and wrought with confusion. Especially when you begin to consider how you’ll handle the expenses associated with the care itself.  


Financial Preparedness

Looking ahead to residency? 5 key financial moves to make

April 05, 2019

Top_priority_women_physicians.pngAs a physician’s career grows, so too, will their fiscal options. Residency is the first step in building a strong financial foundation. Here are a few tips that will help with the financial transition from medical school to residency.

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