Financial Preparedness, Physician Lifestyle, Retirement, US Physicians Research

Top Considerations Ahead of Retirement: A Guide for Physicians

January 15, 2019


Financial Preparedness, Physician Lifestyle, Retirement, US Physicians Research

2018 Report on U.S. Physicians’ Financial Preparedness: Retired Physicians Segment

November 07, 2018


Financial Preparedness, Physician Lifestyle, Retirement

The Physician Dilemma of Funding Long-Term Care

November 06, 2018

By J. Michael Hegwood, Assistant Vice President of Brokerage and Marketing at AMA Insurance

As part of National Long-Term Care Awareness Month this November, make sure you’re prepared for your and your spouse’s future long-term care needs. 

Financial Preparedness

Take these 7 tips to avoid financial stress

August 06, 2018

physicians-talking-in-hospital.jpg Over his 40-plus years as a physician, Timothy Harrington, MD, has seen countless changes come to his profession, from how it's taught to how it's practiced to how it's financed. And while he has also witnessed dramatic medical advances, he's concerned by what is happening to aspiring and practicing physicians confronting the lifestyle challenges that accompany a career in medicine. But he has a seven-point prescription for the fiscal woes that ail too many medical students, residents and young physicians.

medical_student_loan_debt_by_the_numbers.pngTo many, medical students debt is simply part of becoming a physician — but it’s still a costly rite of passage that impacts a physician’s long-term financial goals and lifestyle. Recent medical student debt statistics for 2017 revealed that medical education costs are still on the rise, and graduates must be savvy enough to navigate how best to pay off the debt. 

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