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September 2009 - A Letter from the President of AMA Insurance Agency, Inc.

September 01, 2009

Looking out the window the other day, I realized with a jolt that summer is quickly fading. . . the signs of the coming fall are all around us, from the softening and shortening of the sunlight to the first hint of color in early-changing foliage. It's hard to believe we're fast approaching the final quarter of 2009, a year marked by tumultuous upheavals in virtually every sector, from housing to stocks to banking to jobs. Back in January, it seemed impossible that we'd ever get to this point, where at least there seems to be a bitof light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

So what does my reverie about autumn have to do with the economy?

I am reminded that September is not only the beginning of a new season, but has also been designated as Life Insurance Awareness Month by the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers make informed choices about their financial futures. When I came across an article recently describing the purpose behind this designation, I wanted to share this with you, as well.

You may find it somewhat perplexing that an entire month has been dedicated to the concept of insurance, a topic that most people prefer to shy away from. But I would tell you that there is virtually no investment that provides more flexibility, safety or tax efficiency than life insurance. It is a tool that can be used in a variety of situations to meet widely differing needs depending on a person's personal and professional circumstances.

Life insurance benefits can be used to pay off medical student loans or practice-related expenses . . . settle an outstanding mortgage balance . . . fund a child's college education . . . provide for care for elderly parents unexpectedly left behind . . . pay estate taxes . . . provide guaranteed income. The uses for insurance are as varied as the goals of those who recognize its value in a well-planned portfolio.

Despite some optimistic signs, we're not in the clear yet, and recovery will likely be a slow - and volatile - process. And unfortunately, investment portfolios will probably not rebound at the same dizzying speed with which they declined.

While you're here, I'd encourage you to look around our site. We have a variety of very competitive term life insurance plans tailored for physicians. Already done some research and just looking to compare prices? Our Rate Calculator can give you an answer in just a few short minutes. Or perhaps you want to speak in person with a professional who will provide sophisticated planning advice? Check out our Trusted Source Network page which can connect you with a highly-experienced advisor.

Time is fleeting, as we all know. Don't let this month close out without at least mentally reviewing your current financial situation. If you have people depending on you - a spouse, children, colleagues, parents - or goals which may have been derailed by the events of the past year, please take a few minutes to consider how you can augment your current investments with life insurance and help secure the future of those you care about.

If you have any questions, please call us toll-free at 1-888-627-5883 . . . or email us at


J. Christopher Burke, FLMI 
President, AMA Insurance Agency, Inc.

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