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Using your skills as a physician to give back

December 12, 2018

5-ways-to-give-back-facebook-blog.pngDo the holidays put you in a giving mood? If so, the good news is that you don’t need to fly halfway around the world to help out (although you could!). You can start volunteering right now within your own community. Below are volunteering ideas, near and far. 

Volunteering resources and ways to give back

Become a Red Cross Volunteer: Find a local Red Cross Chapter. The Red Cross includes volunteers from a range of backgrounds, talents, and skills. Your experience as a physician allows you to help a community in a unique and thoughtful way. 

Choose from 78 JAMA-compiled Opportunities: From international volunteering to local opportunities across a range of specialties, this JAMA-created list features contact information for over 70 organizations in need of physician service. Learn more.  

Assist with Sports Medicine and Physicals: Schools and nonprofits in your own community are frequently in need of physician help, especially when it comes to sports programs. Consider contacting a local athletics director or sports-related nonprofit to learn more about opportunities. 

Mentor Students: Mentor students who are considering a career in medicine. Speak with students on career day and/or, if you’re up for the challenge, allow potential medical students to shadow you on the job. Show your community’s youth what they’re capable of through discipline and commitment.

Mentor Physicians: Share your institutional knowledge with other physicians in the field. You can teach CME courses or educate other physicians on a new technology. Through sharing what you’ve learned, you can improve the knowledge and ability of your colleagues.

Volunteer at Free Clinics: Volunteer in rotation at free health clinics to provide the basics of care to those without any money to pay. Find the Volunteers in Medicine free clinic closest to you.

Become a Patient Advocate: The National Health Council, which is made up of more than 100 national health-related organizations, brings together a diverse group of individuals within the health care community. Each group works to adequately address the personal needs and goals of people with chronic diseases and disabilities. Some of these organizations may even include your specialty or specific interest. Learn more

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