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AMA Insurance Agency Announces New 401k Program for Physicians

April 28, 2011

AMA Insurance Agency is pleased to inform you of a new 401(k) plan offered by Millennium Brokerage Group, LLC (MBG). "The potential management fee reductions are intriguing" explained AMA Insurance Agency President Chris Burke, "and combined with fiduciary risk transfer, this plan is definitely worth exploring."

The unique Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) design of the Physicians 401k can provide a number of advantages and efficiencies not available in stand-alone plans.

The plan utilizes TD Ameritrade as its one master custodial, effectively leveraging the buying power of America's physicians. This helps the Physician 401k deliver savings of 30%-70% compared to traditional stand-alone plans.

The Physicians 401k also offers features to help physicians:

  • Significantly reduce fiduciary liability
  • Provide total fee transparency
  • Gain access to top-rated funds
  • Utilize best in breed service providers
  • Implement a comprehensive technology platform

To learn more about the many benefits of the Physicians 401k you can contact a Physician 401k service representative at 855-377-4015 or to request a free quote.

The Physicians 401k is offered through Millennium Brokerage Group, LLC, an approved member of AMA Insurance Agency's Physicians Financial Partners program. To learn more about the Physicians Financial Partners program visit:

Millennium is a strategic marketing partner of AMA Insurance Agency, Inc. (AMAIA) and has been approved by AMAIA to participate in its Physicians Financial Partners program.  The tools, resources and products described on this web page are offered through Millennium Brokerage Group, LLC and other financial professionals.

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