My Five Favorite Topics Covered at PIMA 2011

August 04, 2011

Note: Today's guest blogger is Denise Friday, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Denise is also currently serving as President of PIMA (Professional Insurance Marketing Association) and spent last week leading the 2011 PIMA MidYear Meeting in Colorado Springs, CO.

This blog entry originated from 6,035 feet above sea level in Colorado Springs, CO, site of the PIMA 2011 MidYear Meeting. I attended, along with several others of the AMA Insurance team, to learn more about the latest trends in the marketing space. As a team, we're actively involved with the organization in several capacities and have always found these meetings beneficial for business reasons as well as catching up with industry peers and friends. It was my first PIMA meeting as president, so I thought it might be fun to keep a running tab of my 5 favorite things that are happening at PIMA 2011.

  1. Technology/Social Media Influence – This topic has been a recurring topic for the last several years and each year there is more buzz about the channel and ways to implement it to help drive business. There are some great best-practice examples out there in the healthcare landscape including KevinMD on Twitter and a dedicated site at the Mayo Clinic to help give you a better sense of what's being discussed. We're going to dive into this topic a little deeper in a few weeks on our blog, so be on the lookout for the meantime, don't be afraid to do some looking around whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, to get a better idea of how to use these tools professionally. This area is growing exponentially and it's important to have it on your radar.
  2. The Power of Relationships – There is an enormous emphasis on the value of the customer relationship and its importance to the long-term growth of an organization. From a physician's perspective, these underlying themes are applicable to the clinical space. Understand the value of your patients and their ability to impact you and your practice through referrals, word-of-mouth business and patient care consistency. From a personal perspective, these relationships can also be very rewarding to you as a physician.
  3. Data, Data, Data – As marketers, we use data every day to help us make decisions on everything from budget items, website strategy and even blog topics. As physicians, you have the opportunity to leverage data to improve patient care decisions, marketing efforts for your clinic and even the "management" part of your job. Obviously, you will want to utilize that information to make decisions that will benefit you, your clinic and the long-term health of your patients
  4. Continuing Education & Learning – With the growth of websites offering more opportunities for multimedia learning opportunities, it's now easier than ever to avail yourself of more content pertaining to your field of choice. Take advantage of webinars, streaming video or even podcasts in your down time. You may find some valuable nuggets of information that help your career development. And most importantly, these things can happen on YOUR schedule.
  5. Interaction & Feedback – We've talked a lot over the last several days about the importance of interacting with your customer base. With the increased power of technology (see point #1), there are now more opportunities than ever to do this. Asking questions may reveal some telling things such as the need for expanded office hours to accommodate patients or an improved way to communicate test results consistent with patients' expectations.

    (and one more from a personal viewpoint)
  6. The Rocky Mountains – It's quite the change of scenery from our offices in downtown Chicago to the Rocky Mountains. For five days, it was a wonderful view to wake up to each day.

Opinion Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed in this blog are meant to be directional and informational based on topics that I find interesting and thought provoking on a daily basis. Our work interacts with physicians daily, so we hope you find some of these topics relevant to your career. In no way do they reflect the viewpoints of the American Medical Association or AMA Insurance.

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