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5 Ways to Give Back

September 16, 2011

Looking for ways to give back to the medical community? Contrary to popular opinion, not every volunteer opportunity for physicians requires a passport. Your training and abilities as a physician allow you to help our communities in ways that others can’t:

Five Ways to Give Back to Your Community as a Physician

  1. Patient Advocacy – You may not have to look far to give back. Many patients need more help than their health provider has the ability to give to navigate health care. Ask your colleagues or examine your own patients to find those that need extra assistance.
  2. Sports Medicine and Physicals – Local schools are frequently in need of physician help, especially when it comes to their sports programs. Nonprofit sports programs are frequently in need of physician support as well. Read about Dr. Brad Wright’s involvement with amateur boxing clubs.
  3. Mentoring Students – Mentor high school students in magnate programs who are considering medicine, speak to middle-school students on career day, and/or allow potential medical students to shadow you on the job. Show your community’s youth what they’re capable of with study and hard work.
  4. Mentoring Physicians - Share your institutional knowledge with other physicians in the field. Teach CME courses or educate other physicians on a new technology. Improve the knowledge and ability of your colleagues.
  5. Volunteering at Free Clinics – Volunteer in rotation at free health clinics to provide the basics of care to those without any money to pay.  Find the Volunteers in Medicine free clinic closest to you.
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