In Celebration of Doctors - Happy National Doctors' Day

March 29, 2011


As the old saying goes, it’s called work for a reason. As an insurance executive, I find my role incredibly fulfilling and I look forward to each new day with a sense of anticipation. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that occasionally, as in every job, things happen (or don't) that cause me to mentally grit my teeth and dream of an ocean front locale. Stress is an inescapable fact of our fast-paced world.

As I read the medical blogs that I follow, I came across this post from Dr. Wes, a cardiologist/cardiac electrophysiologist. His post reminded me of the ultimate stress, one I call myself fortunate to avoid: life or death. It hit me like a ton of bricks that no matter how badly my day goes, I never have to deal with stressors like those described by Dr. Wes.

His determination while he carries that weight in his hands is inspiring. 

Happy National Doctors’ Day

It’s easy to forget, especially when things are going well and you are healthy, that there’s only one person who stands between you and the most awful outcomes of illness or injury - and that person is your physician. The pressures of that responsibility are unfathomable. The knowledge, skill, intuition, and courage required to perform are unparalleled. The risks are bigger and the stakes are higher than in any other profession.

That’s why on March 30th, National Doctors' Day, I want to recognize each and every physician for the contributions you make, day in and day out, to keeping us not only safe and healthy but also for the many sacrifices you’ve made on behalf of your patients. There really are not words enough to thank you for that.

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