Is your practice protected by the right kind of insurance?

July 04, 2013

You might want to make sure. Take a brief quiz.

Recent research by AMA Insurance and The Hartford revealed confusion about business insurance coverage within many medical practices. For instance, many physicians assumed their personal liability insurance covered risks that in fact are covered only in a comprehensive business owner’s policy (BOP).


Here’s a short quiz to help you test your business risk acumen. (Answers below)

1.   Hurricane Sandy provided a recent example of how quickly businesses can be unexpectedly wiped out. What percentage of businesses suffering a major disaster without the proper preparation never reopen?
a.) 10%     b.) 21%     c.) 35%     d.) 43%
 2.   The most common cause of property loss for small business owners is:
a.) earthquake     b.) fire     c.) theft     d.) flood
 3.   If a member of your staff causes an auto accident while running an errand for the practice, you could be sued.
a.) true     b.) false
 4.   The most common cause of workers’ compensation claims is:
a.) lower back injury from lifting or moving objects     b.) slips and falls 
c.) hearing loss from noise on the job     d.) repetitive motion injury
 5.   Among small businesses, what is the most common cause of a HIPAA/HITECH privacy breach?
a.) hackers     b.) theft of sensitive documents by outsiders 
c.) loss or theft of portable devices by employees     d.) lack of proper email encryption

1 = d; 2 = c; 3 = a; 4 = a; 5 = d

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