Is your practice's email program HIPAA compliant?

April 17, 2013

By now we all know the importance of following HIPAA rules and regulations to the letter. The penalties for not doing so are stiff, and proper encryption of your practice’s email is one important measure you may not have considered.

How does your practice measure up?

Does your organization communicate by email with patients?

❍ Yes ❍ No

Do you communicate by email with insurance companies, billing companies, laboratories or other external companies?

❍ Yes ❍ No

Do you ever include a patient’s name, address, phone number, condition, diagnosis code, drug or prescription information, Social Security Number, insurance ID number, billing information or any other confidential, proprietary patient data in any email communications?

❍ Yes ❍ No

If you had to, could you prove that no Protected Health Information (PHI) had ever been sent by an unencrypted email?

❍ Yes ❍ No

Could your organization withstand the financial or reputational harm caused by a breach of confidential patient information?

❍ Yes ❍ No

Your answers to the above questions are clues to your need to bring your professional email into HIPAA compliance. If you are not yet encrypting your practice’s emails, we recommend that you locate a reliable firm that specializes in email encryption.

Source: White Paper, The Importance of Email Encryption in the Healthcare Industry,, INTERMEDIA The Business Cloud,TM

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