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Mobile apps making the rounds

December 18, 2013

Mobile phones, iPads and computer tablets are increasingly making the rounds with U.S. physicians. In fact, according to government statistics, 80 percent-plus of practicing physicians are using mobile devices and 95 percent of those download apps for medical information.1

According to Dana Fowler, CEO, HealthyMe Mobile Solutions, mobile technologies among physicians are becoming more popular because they are affordable, efficient, reliable and convenient. A mobile device can easily be carried between patient exams to access digitized patient information.

Fowler said, "Our experience is that physicians are getting behind the shift to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in part because they want to expand the use and functionality of their mobile devices. Those physicians believe that these mobile tools lead to more accurate and timely medical information, reducing misinformation and misfiled medical records and allowing access to patient records when it's needed most, that is, when with the patient."

One of the first iPad native EHR programs was Drchrono EHR. It and other similar programs such as MediTouch Health Fusion, Care 360 by Quest and MacPractice, allow physicians to access their notes, patient test results, treatment plans and treatment progress.

"We find that many physicians are also encouraging their patients to use mobile apps to help them monitor and track their health," said Fowler. "With mobile apps and mobile text programs patients can monitor their health at home; tracking weight gain, blood sugar, blood pressure and other vital signs. These patient apps can sync with the physician's system, providing instantaneous communication between patient and physician. Many physicians we deal with believe patient usage of mobile apps and mobile text programs may even help keep patients out of the hospital."

HealthyMe Mobile Solutions in St. Louis, Missouri, uses mobile text messaging to patients to help reduce hospital readmissions. More information:

1 Mobile Computing in Healthcare: Privacy and Security Considerations and Available Resources, NIST/OCR Conference, June 6, 2012,

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