News Round-Up: Tablets and Medicine

May 31, 2012

If you're like me, you've likely been caught by surprise at some of the bold predictions being made in the news these days regarding tablet usage. As we inch closer to the "Post-PC world," as the analysts have titled it, it has become increasingly difficult to separate the hype from the substance in identifying the ways that tablet devices are shaping our lives.

In the field of medicine, especially, tablets such as the iPad have been lauded as a "game-changer." Though regular readers of the blog will recall that I've written about these handy devices before, it struck me as I was reviewing the morning news headlines over a cup of coffee last week that the recent media barrage warranted a closer look at the use of tablets in the medicine. In doing so, I created a list of resources on the topic that I found truly thought provoking and insightful—a list that I would like to share with the Post Scripts community:

Healthcare puts tablets to the test from Information Week by David F. Carr

Access to information at your fingertips allows for more informed and immediate decisions, even while away from the hospital or your practice. This article explores the benefits and drawbacks to having yet another device in tow, tackling questions such as how native application support and disinfection procedures may play into tablet adoption on a larger scale.

Study: Providing tablets to medical residents could improve care from iHealthBeat

A recent study, focused specifically on medical residents, reveals that tablet devices facilitate more immediate patient care, as "The implementation of personal mobile computing via iPads was associated with improvements in both perceived and actual resident efficiency." Read more for some compelling statistics, like this one: 90% of residents reported routinely using iPads for clinical duties.

9 Tablets fit for doctors from Information Week Healthcare

While the iPad has become ubiquitous with the word 'tablet', there are many other devices on the market geared towards the specific needs of healthcare professionals. This article provides an evaluation of nine devices (iPad included) that outline several advantages and disadvantages to be considered when going mobile at work.

Infographic: The year of the enterprise tablet from Social Media Today by Eric Goldstein

Healthcare isn't the only industry experiencing dramatic tablet predictions; in fact enterprise tablet adoption is estimated to grow by almost 50% per year. This visually intriguing infographic explores the bigger picture by looking at ways in which tablets are used in various sectors, healthcare included.

As thought provoking as the opinions of these pieces are, I would also like to hear from you. Can you relate to any of the stories above? Do you feel these trends reflect your own professional or personal experience?

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