Take a Trip with Timmy

January 10, 2012

I am excited to welcome another guest blogger to Post Scripts -- Matt MacGregor, Executive Director of Timmy Global Health, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit working to expand access to healthcare globally through its innovative programs. The Agency is currently sponsoring a contest for eligible students (pre-med, medical and allied health) and residents, and two prize winners will have the opportunity to spend 2-3 weeks volunteering with US and developing world medical professionals in Guatemala, Ecuador or the Dominican Republic. This trip is provided through the auspices of Timmy Global Health. Because Timmy Global Health’s mission is so compelling, I wanted to give Matt the opportunity to directly describe the fabulous work they’re doing on behalf of the underprivileged citizens of the world. Please read on for details of the important differences Timmy volunteers make in so many lives.

Chris Burke, President, AMA Insurance Agency

Take a Trip with Timmy

January 10, 2012   |   By Matt MacGregor

When you look at the scale and scope of global health challenges today—from AIDs in Africa to chronic malnutrition in Guatemala to the obesity epidemic here in the United States—it’s natural to ponder how we can possibly have an impact on the massive, seemingly insurmountable obstacles preventing many families and communities from living healthy, prosperous lives.

In my own personal work as the Executive Director of Timmy Global Health (Timmy), an innovative US based non-profit organization, I have confronted many of these challenges firsthand. And while working for Timmy is an often humbling and sobering reflection about the challenges low-income communities face, it's also an incredible opportunity to be inspired by the hundreds of annual Timmy volunteers who commit their time, energy, resources, and talents to tackling those challenges head on.

As an organization that helps to finance developing world health partners and sends medical teams to four countries, Timmy's most visible impact lies in our ability to provide vital services for patients and our partner organizations in the developing world. But perhaps Timmy's most enduring legacy—and our best attempt to address today's most pressing global challenges—will be the thousands of soon-to-be medical professionals who, by volunteering with Timmy, have the opportunity to both understand and experience the incredible challenges preventing communities and families from accessing quality healthcare.

Empowering 'Global Citizens'

Timmy's volunteers—medical professionals and students from all over the US—epitomize what it means to be global citizens. Active in their local communities as well as abroad, these 21st century humanitarians know that the most important health challenges of our time are not confined by boundaries. They are universal issues that need a global voice of passionate, dedicated, creative individuals to address them. And whether that takes place on the campuses of Timmy's student chapters in the US or far away in Timmy's developing world medical clinics, it is always accompanied by a sincere understanding of our individual power to truly change the lives of others for the better--and the responsibility that comes along with it.

Take a Trip with Timmy

As Chris Burke mentioned above, Timmy is pleased to be the trip provider for the two contest winners. These winners will travel with a Timmy medical team where they will work alongside our partner organizations and help expand access to healthcare in one of our developing world partner sites. This is an incredible opportunity for pre-med, med students, residents, and Allied Health students interested in global health, and dedicated to fostering meaningful change in developing world communities. Learn more about the Agency’s contest eligibility and rules, and enter for a chance to win at www.takeatripwithtimmy.com.

On behalf of the thousands of lives Timmy touches each year, Timmy Global Health would like to thank the AMA Insurance Agency for the support of our mission, and the opportunity to tell the story of our incredible Timmy volunteers.


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