Ten Great Online Resources for Physicians

November 19, 2010

I owe an apology to the Chicago Tribune; I now only skim my daily paper. I used to spend my morning coffee time dissecting newspaper articles, but now find myself reading compelling, relevant, and informative medical sites and blogs.

Been on the lookout for quality physician resources? I’d like to share my pick of ten great online resources for physicians.

1. KevinMD Medical Blog

  • One of social media’s top medical voices
  • Provocative, thoughtful medical information

2. Paging Dr. Gupta - Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Blog on CNN

  • CNN’s In-house MD
  • Updated frequently with medical information from all specialties

3. Doctors Without Borders YouTube Channel

  • Inspirational, powerful stories from Doctors Without Borders all over the world
  • Consistently updated with video content sharing doctors’ real life experiences

4. Charity Wire’s List of Health & Medical Charities (site no longer available)

  • Links to charities benefiting a wide array of medical conditions/diseases
  • Easily find ways to get involved in your medical community

5. The Disease Management Care Blog

  • Concentrates on ways to improve the medical process to help patients
  • Tackles a wide array of current, relevant health topics with a fresh point of view

6. ePocrates Smartphone App

  • Medical resources at your fingertips throughout the day
  • ePocrates RX free version - paid versions as well
  • Access to CME course information, prescription drug interactions and diagnosis tools

7. Top Health Related Blogs on Technorati

  • Smorgasbord of health related blogs and websites
  • You can also use this site to search individual blog posts

8. 33 Charts

  • Active medical blog since 2006 by pediatric gastroenterologist, Bryan Vartabedian
  • Speaks to pertinent questions about medicine and media and the changing landscape of medicine

9. Most Dugg Articles with the keyword “Medicine” on Digg

  • Consolidated list of medical news from myriad sources
  • You can search keywords that interest you for more articles

10. Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media

  • Frequently updated blog about the medical community and social media
  • Find information about upcoming events and see monthly news

Any opinions and claims on these sites are not mine, but I’ve found them all to have very informative and engaging content. Which reminds me…

A bonus great online resource for physicians

We, of course, are also working every day to keep physicians informed.

11. AMA Insurance Agency’s Post Scripts Blog

  • Resources for physicians and physician-focused insurance as careers transition from student to established physician
  • Up-to-date, important information about current issues facing physicians on a daily basis such as practice management, financial/insurance security planning information and insights on physician insurance needs
  • Easy to find
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