The Global Healthcare Journeys Begin: The Take A Trip with Timmy Journals

July 11, 2012

Earlier this year, I was delighted to have Matt MacGregor, Executive Director of Timmy Global Health, announce the Take a Trip with Timmy contest on the Post-Scripts blog. This contest provides medical students and residents the chance to win an opportunity to help those in under-served communities in Central and South America by submitting written and video essays.

Well…did the hundreds of submissions that we received surprise us! We asked these future medical professionals what made them choose the path of medicine and were immensely moved by the thoughtful and heartfelt stories we read. The quality and sincerity of the stories made our final selection challenging, but in the end three winners were selected: 

Jenna Quill

Allied Health, Indiana University School of Nursing
Meet the 2011 Contest Winners

Junzi Shi

Medical student, University of Cincinnati
Meet the 2011 Contest Winners

Andrew White

Medical student, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Meet the 2011 Contest Winners

Jenna and Andrew have already completed their global health journeys and are documenting their experiences for us on the Take a Trip with Timmy website. I encourage you to read their stories and become immersed in their unique experiences. You can also follow their stories through the Med Plus Advantage Twitter feed. Junzi's journey is planned for December 2012.

Below are a few samples from Jenna and Drew’s posts. We look forward to hearing more about their global health journey and invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Jenna’s global health journey:

The Children of El Mercado

“It was ironic to me that these children work in a market full of food, but were so underweight. Many patients reported head aches and stomach pains, which I could easily guess were due to a lack of water and nutrients.”

My First 24 Hours Out of the United States

“I’ve quickly learned that healthcare here is not about the many details, but it is about creating true, lasting relationships with the people.”

Drew’s global health journey:


“When I try and squeak out a ‘gracias’ or ‘buenos dias’ I soon realize the linguistic rust that will need to be brushed off before I feel overly comfortable on the equator. I say my goodbyes to deep-fried golden arches and roasted mermaid’s coffee. At the gate, the last seconds in my homeland slip and drip away like drops of rain racing down the oval window next to me. Belt fastened, Skymall scoured, take-off awaits.”

Last Night I Landed

“Weaving through buildings, the now packed car that was waiting outside begin to bathe in a microcosm of memories made, re-lived, and rendered like fat frying in cast iron pans, fanning fragrances, wafting wildly from street corners.”

Read more from Jenna and Drew on the Take a Trip with Timmy website.

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