Why You Practice is Key To Your Success

October 12, 2011

In a recent presentation to my team, I showed snippets of a  TED Talk from Simon Sinek.  He hypothesizes that groundbreaking success comes not from what you do, but why you do it.

While not perfect, Mr. Sinek’s presentation appealed to me with his inspiring theory. Particularly because of how well it applies to physicians.

Sinek’s Examples of Success

Simon Sinek gives three major examples of success stemming from why rather than what:

  1. The Wright Brothers – Orville and Wilbur wanted to change the world with manned flight more than they wanted the resulting fame and wealth.
  2. Apple – Sinek claims the Apple’s success comes from their reputation as challengers of the status quo.
  3. Martin Luther King, Jr. – He stood out in the civil rights movement because people followed him for themselves. They shared his beliefs.

So how does “the why”, not “the what” theory of success apply to you as a physician?

The Physician Why – Mission and Marketing

First off, I personally don’t know many physicians who entered the profession for purely a financial reason. The why for physicians is simple, and it’s what makes your profession so highly regarded. Your why is to improve your patients’ health.

Secondly, for those of you wondering where to start with your marketing message, or looking for ways to inspire your practice’s work force (and judging from the emails I’m getting – that’s quite a few of you), this is a great starting point. Share the “why” you became a physician,  and work those countless - stressful hours, inspire your team. Let that position you as a physician people should choose as their own.

That may seem overly simple and perhaps contradictory to advice I’ve given in the past about identifying what differentiates you from the competition. But as Simon Sinek points out, Apple’s competitors are all putting out worthy products. But Apple is on top when it comes to being known as an innovator. The company lives and breathes that mentality, and consumers buy their products because they want to be on the cutting edge.

And finally, I’d like to say thank you. Your purpose gives my team purpose. We take pride in protecting those who protect the health of the American people. Is there a TED talk you look to for inspiration? 

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