Why Do I Need a Health Check?

As part of the underwriting process, New York Life's partner ExamOne will have a representative contact you to complete a telephone interview which will include questions about your health and family history. If a medical exam is needed, ExamOne will also arrange for a convenient time and location to collect your blood and urine samples. In some cases, we may ask for financial information and/or medical records from your physician(s). Statements requiring your signature will be sent securely via DocuSign.

Why Do I Need to Go Through Medical Underwriting?

The Medical Underwriting process helps determine how much your policy should cost and if the rate you were quoted is in fact possible. By looking at your health information, the underwriter can determine the final benefit amount they will offer you. 

Frequently asked Questions

What are the next steps after completing my application online?

For Life and Disability Insurance, you will receive a phone call or email from New York Life and/or Exam One to complete a health check (if needed).  Your quick response will speed up our decision and delivery of insurance materials, so be sure to keep any eye out. 

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