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The list below contains all forms available for download on this website. If you have any questions about these forms, or would like AMA Insurance to mail you a form instead, please contact us.

Please note that some of the forms below allow you to type information directly into the PDF, however, for privacy purposes, you may not save a filled out form.

Health Insurance Forms

Health Insurance Forms

Caremark Mail Order Form

Mail order form for prescription drugs

Group Hospital Income Insurance Dependent Coverage Form  

Dependent Coverage Form - Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Health Insurance Claim Forms and Resources

CMM Claim Form

Catastrophic Major Medical Claim Form

CMM Hospital Directory

A Directory of Hospitals in the Catastrophic Major Medical Discount Network – Admittance to a network hospital is recommended but not required by this plan.

Group Hospital Income Insurance Plan Claim Form

Claim Form - Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance CLAIM FILING INSTRUCTIONS Complete, date, sign and return with one of the following:
-- A UB-04 form issued by the hospital
-- An itemized hospital bill, along with a diagnosis provided by your attending physician. A balance due statement is not acceptable.
-- A statement from the hospital indicating the admission date, discharge date, number of days, type of room and the diagnosis.

Caremark Prescription Forms and Resources

Prescription Drug Claim Form

Claim Form - Prescription Drug Claim Form

Mail Order Form

Pharmacy Locator

Prescription Drug Pricing
Life Insurance Forms

Life Insurance Forms

Wording for Beneficiary Designations

Download and refer to this document for examples of the types of commonly requested beneficiary designations.


Changes the beneficiary and assignment to an individual or trust agreement.


Changes the assignment back to the insured.


Names an individual, corporation or partnership as beneficiary; entities can be named as primary or as contingent.


Names an individual as the primary beneficiary and the trustee designated in the last will and testament of the insured as the contingent beneficiary.


Names a trust agreement as beneficiary.


Names the trustee designated in the last will and testament of the insured as the beneficiary.

Life Insurance Claim Forms

Life Insurance Accelerated Benefits Request Form

Accelerated Life Benefit Request 

Return completed form to:  
AMA Insurance  
330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 39300  
Chicago, IL 60611-5885 

Disability Insurance Forms

Disability Insurance Forms

Disability Income Insurance Plan Form

Future Benefit Increase Form

Disability Claim Forms

Application for Disability Benefits

Disability Income Insurance Benefits Form

Office Overhead Expense Plan - Group Professional Overhead Expense Report

Expense Report - Office Overhead Expense Plan

Dental Insurance Forms

Dental Insurance Claim Forms

Dental Insurance Claim Form

Claim form for dental services

Additional Forms
Electronic Fund Transfer(EFT) Payment Option Form

Save time by switching to monthly automatic EFT payments. Complete this form and return it to AMA Insurance today.

Domestic Partnership Declaration Form

For Insureds covered in the Level Term Life, Preferred Term Life, Hospital Income, Medicare Supplement, Office Overhead Expense, Pure Term Life, Mature Decisions Life, and LIFEPace Term Life plans. 

Third Party Designee Form

Use this form to add another party to receive billing and lapse notices to help prevent unintentional lapse of insurance coverage.

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